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Sunday, December 11, 2005

A Personal Relationship - Parable

A man and woman received two tickets to a lecture by Tom Hanks from their neighbor. The man and the woman had heard of Tom Hanks and had even seen some of his films, but they were not fans. This lecture was on Sunday afternoon, a time when the man usually watched football at home, so he was reluctant to attend the lecture, but with encouragement from his wife - they started out. The street parking around the lecture hall was full, and the man cursed as he had to pay $10 to the parking attendant of the nearest lot. Finally, they were escorted to their seats. The woman complained that the seats were too close together and the lecture hall was too warm but still, they waited for the lecture to begin.

Eventually, Tom Hanks came on the stage with little fanfare. There were no props, no other actors, just Tom Hanks speaking to the audience about his life. As the woman periodically check her watch, her husband tried to stay awake. They both wondered why they had bothered coming.

After speaking, Tom bellowed into the microphone, "Please! Turn up the house lights." immediately, the lights shone brilliantly on the audience. The man woke with a start and the woman's full attention was directed to the actor. Tom made eye contact with the woman. "Stand and come to me!" Then Tom stared at her husband. Again he said, "Stand and come to me!"

An usher came to their row of seats and accompanied them to the stage. As they stood next to Tom Hanks, he grabbed their hands. The man and woman looked at Tom with awe and confusion. Tom spoke again, "I want to be your friend. Will you take me home with you?" The man and woman searched the audience wondering why Tom had singled them out. Again Tom spoke in the low small voice you hear so many times on the screen. "All you need to do is say yes and everything I have will be yours."

The God of Universe has just asked you the same question. What is your answer?


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