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Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Nation Without Diversity

Normally, I would not utilize this blog to tout political views, however, I believe that the political manipulation of "Politically Correct" has evolved in unbalance with God's word.

I recently was required by my employer to complete a training session on management. This training is a once a year requirement, and I thoroughly understand this requirement from a legal standpoint. However, with that said - I still found points of the training session offensive.

As a Christian, I am totally opposed to any form of hatred, discrimination and harassment, and I value diversity. On the cover, our politically correct world would seem to promote diversity, but when one looks closer we are sliding down the slope of anonymity. It requires that we not only censure our words and actions for hatred, discrimination and harassment, but also charges responsibility for how our listener receives every type of correspondence - whether verbal, written or conveyed by body language. We are made responsible for another person's feelings regardless of our intent. I find this responsibility repugnant.

Under these new guidelines, we are no longer allowed our own convictions, as they may repulse someone with another view. Our personal values cannot be stated or freely acted upon without deliberating on whether we will "offend" another person of different values. I cannot maintain my right to individualism if it threatens someone around me, and the worst compromise of all - I am responsible for how another person processes their incoming information - in a word - I am responsible for their feelings.

God created every plant, animal and human being with diversity to portray the wonder and complexity of his creative abilities. Political correctness will erase this diversity. I am responsible for my feelings. I am responsible for the way I interpret and process the input of information from the outside world. I am responsible for my conclusions based on this input, and I am responsible for my actions based on those conclusions. And so are you.

This is how we learn and grow. This is how we become intimate with our fellow man. Isn't that intimacy and growth the purpose and joy of our life?


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