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Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Seventh Sign

This past week, I watched the movie The Seventh Sign with Demi Moore for probably the seventh time. I love Bible prophecy about the End Times. Before I go further, I am not one of those people selling everything I own and waiting on top of a mountain for Jesus to appear in the East - at least not physically. The reason I love Bible prophecy so much is that there are so many interpretations of the End Times out there, and they all claim to be based on God's revelation to John.

My favorite part of the movie is Demi's dream scenes. During the dream or vision, the Roman centurion is beating Jesus. He then turns toward Demi Moore and challenges her, "Will you die for him? Will you die for him?" This scene always sends shivers down my spine because I wonder if Hollywood realizes the significance of that question.

So, I ask you dear reader, will you die for him?

  • Will you die to your fear and invite a co-worker to your church?
  • Will you die to the comfort of your church pew and give your personal testimony to your next door neighbor?
  • Will you die to your full calendar to visit the sick?
  • Will you die to your Sunday dinner to feed someone who is hungry.
  • Will you let go of the size eight clothing in your closet that will never fit you again to clothe a single mother who has not had a new outfit in the past two years?
  • Will you give up your savings plan for that new car to purchase a car for a family that has no means of transportation?
  • Will you die to your pride to make peace with that person who annoys you?

I ask you again - will you die for him? He died for you.


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