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Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Mirror Theory

My favorite pastime is learning new things. In this pursuit, I watched a Nova special on CPTV titled, "The Elegant Universe". I applaud the program as it opened the door of quantum physics to scientific plebeians like myself. The subject of the program was "String Theory", and for those who have never heard of "Strings", you can learn more about this at

String theory is still in its infancy with many questions and concepts still unanswered. As I listened to Brian Greene, the scientist explaining Strings, I marveled at how scientists expect to understand God's creation without understanding God.

Brian Greene stated that although they believe that Strings exist, they have not yet proved that they exist. I thought - "Wow, faith from a scientist!" I am no scientist, nor am I an intellectual giant, but I do understand God. So, let us study God's theory. It is called "The Mirror Theory".

Mirror Theory simply stated - "Everything in the physical or spiritual world has a corresponding reflection."

For example: Expanding Universe/Black Holes, Light/Dark, Matter/Energy, Body/Soul, Good/Evil

We can use this theory to prove the existence of virtually everything.

In the physical world, we have five ways to prove that something exists. They are called our five senses. Three of these senses are based on matter - touch, smell and taste. Two of these senses are based on energy - sight (light) and sound (vibrations). We must utilize one of these senses to perceive the existence or earthly things. So, if you want to prove that a certain matter exists, then logically you would utilize the senses that are based on matter - touch, smell and taste. If you want to prove that a certain energy exists, then you would wisely choose the senses that are based on energy, sight and sound.

Let me give an example. How do you prove that God exists? I mentioned this concept in a previous blog entry - because he moves. The same holds true for Strings - if you can prove that they move, then they exist. " Then shall the trees of the wood sing for joy before the LORD, for he comes to judge the earth. " I Chronicles 16:33 RSV How is it possible for the trees to sing? The vibrations of their strings, and if the strings move, then they exist. Logically, we cannot see the strings, but perhaps by increasing or decreasing their vibrations, we can hear them, or record their sound.

Let me give another example of changing the vibration or movement. "But when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were terrified, saying, 'It is a ghost!' And they cried out for fear." Matthew 14:26 RSV Here we see that Jesus walked on the water.

We know that God set all the laws of earth down when he created the universe. This includes the law of gravity. When God created earth, his intent was that Adam and his descendants would have dominion over the earth, but he also knew that Satan would wrest that dominion from Adam. Therefore, when God set down the scientific laws of space and time, he made sure they could not be changed by anyone. So, how did Jesus walk on water without changing the law of gravity? He walked on water by changing the vibration of his Strings. If the vibrations on one body are faster/lighter than that of another body, then the faster/lighter body will negate the force of gravity. Newton's Second Law proves this theory, and as God fully understands all his laws, and Jesus is God incarnate; he walked on the water.

This brings us to The Mirror Theory. By increasing or decreasing the vibrations of "Strings" you are effectively holding the strings in front of the mirror to prove their existence. Just what is the reflection of a string?


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