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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Spiritual Warfare

Yesterday, I switched on a local Christian radio station while driving to work. A song full of praise and worship filled the car, and I lifted my hands in agreement. Although I did not know the words to the song, I set my heart on praising God. Suddenly, I felt God washing my face with his hand. "What are you doing?", I asked him.

"I am preparing you for spiritual warfare. Put on my armor."

In compliance, I mentally pictured myself dressing in the armor of God. As in 1Thessalonians 5:8, I mentally dressed myself in the breastplate of faith and love. I then lifted the helmet of salvation over my head. "Why are you preparing me for battle?"

I remebered that I had a management meeting that morning, and our Corporate Relationship Guru was speaking at the meeting today. This woman is warm, soft spoken and well liked by our staff. She is frequently called upon to intercede when relationships in our office are strained and she has facilitated peace between many co-workers through NLP programming. She claims to be spiritual - but without Jesus.

Many years ago, I too was involved in NLP. As a salesperson, I frequently listened to tapes and read books offered by such names as Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar and Denis Waitely. They kept me motivated, inspired and positive - but without God. Little by little as I listened to these tapes, I relied on God less. I spent less time praying or reading my Bible and more time listening to these tapes; putting my faith in my own powers. Thankfully, one day God tapped me on shoulder and asked me to look up from what I was doing. I could see that I had become arrogant in my own abilities - I no longer needed or depended on God. I eventually discarded the NLP paraphernalia and went back to my Bible for inspiration and spiritual growth.

During our meeting yesterday, the Relationship Guru spoke to us about managing our departments. We all listented intently. Suddenly, she looked straight at me and asked "What is the difference between arrogance and self-confidence?" I knew this was the moment for which God had prepared me. I could feel the dark presence as though it were standing in front of me.

Without fear, I returned the eye contact and responded, "Arrogance is inspired by fear. Self confidence is the absence of fear and contains the humility to allow for others."

The air in the room changed, and she quickly ended our meeting. Before I could get back to my office, she had left. I remembered James 4:7 "Submit yourself therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you." RSV

Be mindful that your spiritual growth comes from the word of God. Any other source may contain the dark forces that will lead you from God to your own arrogance.


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