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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Why Did God Let That Happen?

I have heard this question asked many times following disasters or hardships. It was repeated everywhere after the September 11th disaster and with the increasing crime, violence and strange weather patterns of the years since September 11th, the question still remains unanswered. So, why did God let that happen? The answer is - he didn't - we did.

It started at creation. God created Adam and Eve with a purpose, and that purpose was an intimate relationship with him. God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden and gave them dominion of the earth. They held the lease to the earth, so to speak, and as landlords of the earth, they truly had full command just as you have full command over your home.

Then Satan slithered onto the scene and tempted Eve to eat the apple. Why would Satan care if Eve ate the apple? What was in it for him? Obviously Eve had something that Satan wanted, and that something was the lease to the earth.

As long as Adam and Eve had the lease, they had dominion over every living thing on the earth, and that included Satan. Remember, after Satan and the other angels revolted, they were cast out of heaven down to earth. Now, Satan's pride was doubly injured. Not only was he subject to God, but he was also subject to God's creations - Adam and Eve.

Satan tempted Eve with an exchange. "If you give me the lease to earth, I will tell you how you can be as wise as God." So Eve handed Satan the deed to the earth, and she ate the apple. Adam and Eve soon realized their mistake, but it was too late. As residents of the earth, they were now subject to Satan and he had dominion over them. However, there was one catch that Satan didn't count on; God had created Adam and Eve with free will and with this free will, they could call on God for his help.

It is the same today. When disaster strikes, God will step in if we call on him to help. If we do nothing, then by default, Satan is in charge of the situation. But, when we call on God, we invite him to take control. Our prayers to God render Satan powerless.


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